Vonage offers enhanced 411 directory assistance

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Vonage offers enhanced 411 directory assistance

Vonage has selected Excell Services to provide its customers with Enhanced Directory Assistance Services (411), including movie listings, stock quotes, sports scores and more. This also includes regular number queries as well as address and reverse searches. In additio, Vonage customers now have access to Directory Assistance services for all of North America as well as many international destinations through the Excell Services network.

No word on pricing or if it tells you how much you will pay BEFORE giving you the information. Nothing like opening your monthly bill and noticing you're getting "shafted" by expensive directing listing information. Maybe I'll try dialing 411 from my home Vonage line a few times trying the various directory lookups just to see what happens. If I post an entry stating I am going bankrupt or selling my Viper, you'll know why! ;)

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