Vonage offers VTech IP-8100-2 Cordless Phone

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Vonage offers VTech IP-8100-2 Cordless Phone

Looks like another cordless VoIP phone solution being offered by a major broadband VoIP provider. Could the end of the standalone ATA be far behind? Today, Vonage and VTech, a supplier of corded and cordless phones in North America announced that the IP-8100-2, cordless broadband phone system configured with Vonage's flat-rate full-featured phone service will be available at over 8,000 retailers July 24, 2005. This product, configured with the Texas Instruments (TI) TNETV1060 VoIP chipset, has a Retail Price of $149.99, and offers $50 mail in rebate after sixty days of service. Vonage put the installation guide up here.

"Vonage is pleased to offer its customers the world's first broadband enabled cordless phone system, as the company is always seeking to offer a variety of hardware choices for its innovative flat-rate, full featured calling plans that are rapidly becoming the touchstone of the telecommunications market," stated Jeffrey A. Citron, chairman and CEO of Vonage Holdings Corp. "Vonage's service coupled with VTech's great design and retail strength makes this a strong partnership for two companies who share the same customer service vision of quality and ease of use."

side note: Why Vonage or any PR flak insists on using 'first' in press releases when clearly they were not first to offer a cordless phone is beyond me. Packet8 for instance
offers the Uniden UIP1868P, which I blogged about here. After I copy/pasted the release, I edited the beginning of the blog entry and removed the sentence "Vonage(R) and VTech Launch the First 5.8 Ghz Expandable Cordless Broadband Phone System" but left Vonage's quote as is. I don't want to be accused of misquoting! : )

The phone base has integrated routing features eliminating the need to purchase a separate router to share your broadband connection with your PC. The ip8100-2 will come with two handsets and is expandable to up to four. The phone plugs directly into a customer's broadband connection or existing router, eliminating the need for a stand alone adapter and telephone. The retail price for additional handsets is $49.99 per device.

"Consumer interest in VoIP is increasing because it's significantly less expensive than regular phone service, offers equal clarity and is simple to set up, as long as you have the right equipment," said Matt Ramage, vice president of product management at VTech. "With VTech's first integrated broadband telephone, we selected Vonage as the service provider because they have the experience, expertise and track record of offering premium service that is often better quality than the traditional landline. Vonage shares a similar vision with VTech, which is to migrate consumers seamlessly to broadband services, delivering the tools they need that are easy to use."

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