Vonage Outage as Reported in VoIP forums

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Vonage Outage as Reported in VoIP forums

As first reported in TMC's VoIP Forum, Vonage experienced a major outage today.

The first post (Is Vonage Down?) was at 10:34am EDT. Then another posted Vonage was down at 12:05pm. I knew something was up. I called my wife to see if our Vonage line was down, but it was fine. I did some further investigation and indeed Vonage was down. Some forum posters stated it came back up around 12:50pm. Check out the voip forum thread.

A news story on Reuters confirms the VoIP Forum posts about the problem.

Apparently it was due to a routing problem with network carrier Global Crossing, a Vonage spokeswoman said.

Edison, New Jersey-based Vonage, which has over 200,000 customer lines, told subscribers on their account Web pages the problem lasted for about 90 minutes and attributed the outage to an error in Global Crossing's network that had data being routed to the wrong places.

Check out the full story here:
TMCNet.com - Vonage Hit by Nationwide Calling Disruption
or here:
Vonage Hit by Nationwide Calling Disruption | Reuters.com

Maybe this was no accident. Any major outage by such an important VoIP player as Vonage is surely going to make some people think twice about using VoIP in their home. Is this sabotage by the phone companies to slow the encroachment of VoIP and the reduction of their margins?

or do I just have X-files conspiracies on the brain?

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