Holy Toledo! Cheap Wireless T1 & T3 Internet!

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Holy Toledo! Cheap Wireless T1 & T3 Internet!

So today I receive this intriguing email...
Tom, please visit www.yourwifiinternet.com. New technology launching in days, not months. T1 speed portable wireless internet, up and down with no degradation of signal for $19.95 a month and VOip for additional $9.95 a month, router free. It will change the communications industry forever. $13 billion invested, about to go public, expecting 250 million customers first year and 150,000 employees. Coverage tested 65 miles from NOC through buildings and trees and 20 ft underground. ISP's will embrace the technology or disappear. Cable, DSL, satellite will be like vinyl records to an IPOD. Check it out. www.T3wirelessinternet.com

Wow, wireless T1 speed for $19.95, surely this is too good to be true. And expecting 250 million customers in the first year? Yeah right! Almost as big of a stretch as John McCain's claim that Mitt Romney wanted to withdraw our troops from Iraq.

In any event, the website lists the following accolades:
  • Financial Backing – Investment capital was secured in 2003 with seven USA-based investment bankers.
  • Approved IPO – In 2004 the USA Government and Securities Exchange Commission approved the IPO*.
  • Testing Successful - Testing of T1 mobile wireless Internet service (with 128-bit encryption) has been 100% successfully completed.
  • Developed soft and hardware - Very well known and highly respected wireless electronics company has developed and tested the chip.
  • Ahead of Competition - It is believed that competitors can't develop comparable technology without 3+years and billions in funding.
  • Rolling out SOON! - Service is scheduled to roll out in early 2008**
  • Blanket Coverage by 2008 - By the end of 2008 the WiFi Corporation plans blanketed WiFi coverage of all Canada and USA.
  • Worldwide Coverage Coming - Within 12-months of North American opening, plans for worldwide WiFi service begin.
  • Easiest to set up – ability to broadcast the Internet connection signal via repeater towers from one central NOC (Network Operations Center).
  • Requires far fewer towers – ability to broadcast signal to distances of 30-miles from tower without degradation.
  • Best Coverage – due to ability to transmit signal through buildings, forests, and up to 20 feet underground.
  • No Bottleneck – maintains at least a T1 connection both UP and DOWN without degradation regardless of the amount of simultaneous users connecting.
  • Most Secure – signal is secured with 256-bit SSL encryption so no firewall hardware is required.
  • Most for the money - T1 connection is projected to be only $19.95 per month. Business class up to T3 service will also be available.
  • Telephony - First class VOIP telephone service will also be offered for a fraction of the cost of competitors. Current projection is $9.95 per month.
  • Mobile - Oh yes, and did I say MOBILE!  No dish required here. Imagine a mobile T1 connection.
$19.95 for a wireless T1 and even inexpensive T3 wireless speed available? Sounds like it could be WiMAX. Intrigued, I checked it out some more and discovered the following:
In 2003 the initial funding was secured with $13,000,000,000 (13 billion) being pledged. In 2004 the IPO was approved by the Securities Exchange Commission.  At this time the company is in the quiet period before going public and word has it that they plan to begin the roll out of the service in the first quarter of 2008. No questions can be answered regarding the IPO until the actual launch of the service.

$13 billion? Seems too good to be true. How can $13 billion be pledged and no one has heard of www.T3wirelessinternet.com. There aren't even any backlinks on Google to this website. Something seems fishy in Denmark.

So I read up some more...
With opening as a publicly traded company, the ability to broadcast the Internet connection signal via repeater towers from one central NOC (Network Operations Center), broadcast to distances of 30-miles without degradation of the signal, transmit through buildings, forests, and up to 20 feet underground, maintain a T-1 connection both UP and DOWN without degradation from the amount of simultaneous users connecting, and having managed to secure the signal with better than 256-bit SSL encryption where no firewall hardware is required, we believe this WiFi Corp. will quickly become one of the fastest growing Corporations in the history of the Internet, and quite literally, will be able to make the statement;

Still not convinced, I decided to check out the YouTube video on their website:

Watching this video and all the hyper claims of cheap wireless high-speed bandwidth, you'd think this company was the Second Coming of the Internet. But oh if it's true, Glory Glory! The video claims that the solution is WiFi and WiMAX on steroids. Ok, that's not telling me much.

ItsYourNet The website certainly didn't seem like it had $13 billion invested into it - very amateurish, so I dug a little deeper and discovered it's actually an affiliate site for ItsYourNet.com. I check out ItsYourNet.com and their web design isn't much better. Once I saw the "As Seen on TV" logo, I lost respect for the site. It must be a gimmick was my immediate reaction. Still, I click the join now link just to see if they charge anything. It's free to join, but they offer a ton of affiliate-related services, including commissions for getting people to sign-up for their wireless T1 or T3, domain registrations, web hosting, VoIP, and a 3D reality thing.

The site definitely is affiliate marketing driven, which makes me wonder if ItsYourNet is truly behind this "supposed" wireless T1/T3 Internet that can travel 65 miles or if there is yet another unknown company's technology that ItsYourNet is selling via affiliate. Sure enough, I read on their website, the following:
ItsYourNet has aligned itself with a WiFi (Wireless Fidelity) Internet Service Corporation.

After more than five years of coding and field testing, this Corporation has developed a Wireless Internet technology so dynamic that we believe it is destined to become the sole surviving Internet Service Provider (ISP) worldwide.

Wow, the sole surviving ISP worldwide? Talk about hype. Regardless of their hyperbole, this is still very intriguing since they claim this year they will go live in Texas, California, and Washington state, as well as a nation-wide rollout planned. We'll know soon enough if this is hype or for real. So Texans, Californians, and Washington staters, let me know when you can get your inexpensive wireless T1/T3 access on. If it's true, it might be time to for all of us to trade in our slow-poke EVDO wireless cards.

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