Is Your City One of the Most Connected?

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Is Your City One of the Most Connected?

Products_Wireless%2C2.jpgAmong the top designated marketing areas (DMAs), San Francisco, Miami and Los Angeles are the most connected cities based on home networking adoption.

What does connected mean: A wired or wireless home network allows consumers to connect multiple PCs and printers, and to share Internet access among computers.

MultiMedia Intelligence's research identifies significant variations among major metropolitan areas. San Francisco has the highest household home networking adoption rate of 28% among the top DMAs. In contrast, the San Antonio, Chicago and Cleveland DMAs have among the lowest home networking adoption. This reflects, in part, the varying regional demographics. 

Home networking adoption correlates directly with household income. Households with incomes greater than $250,000 have an adoption rate exceeding 40%, while only 7% of households with incomes below $25,000 have home networks.  (Surprised that is so low ...)

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