MOGO Wireless Boosts Cell Phone Signal

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MOGO Wireless Boosts Cell Phone Signal

MOGO Wireless carMOGO WirelessMOGO Wireless launched a series of cellphone signal boosting products at CES, the coolest of which simply plugs into your car accessory adapter to end those dropped calls while driving. (using your Bluetooth hands-free handset of course)

MOGO's plug-and-talk products includes a business/home office product that works in conjunction with a laptop (USB port), as well as a mobile product that works from an automotive 12 volt power supply to amplify signal strength up to 10 times. Considering USB is only 5V, I'm surprised the USB model can amplify signals up to 10x.

Anyway, the MOGO is compatible with all service providers operating on 800 and 1900 MHZ including AT&T, Inc., Sprint, T-Mobile, Alltel and Verizon Wireless, and is also compatible with Bluetooth devices. The MOGO Personal Mobile Cell Tower is installed by plugging the adapter into a car power supply or by plugging the USB adapter into a laptop, depending on the product purchased. Importantly, it can be used by multiple users at the same time. So you carload of teenager kids can each gab away on their cellphones. On second though, maybe a cellphone jammer is in order?

Once plugged in, the tower recognizes your mobile phone and its protocol, and begins boosting your bars so you can get a cell signal in the weakest cell signal areas. My house only gets 1 bar, so I may have to try one of these.

You can buy these cellphone boosting products at selected Best Buy stores, travel centers such as TravelCenters of America, direct mail catalogs such as Hammacher Schlemmer, and through major cellular distributors such as Aries Manufacturing and DBL Distributing. MOGO is currently shipping to key accounts and product is available with a MSRP of $149. 

-Optional 12V to 110 adaptor accessory or SOHO bundled package allows the mobile user to achieve upgraded performance in a personal space environment at home or in office
-Increases signal bars/strength on mobile phone by more than 200 percent for most users / 50 dB system gain to increase mobile phone range (normally 2 bars)
-Wireless system. No wired connection to mobile phone
-Reduces dropped calls
-Improves call quality/clarity
-Extends cellular range for both voice and data (speeds laptop connection when using a wireless data card)
-Operates with multiple phones simultaneously
-All-inclusive package with dual-band amplifier, magnet mount antenna with RF cable, and usage instructions
-Compatible with all cellular service providers and technology works with both cellular and PCS users (except Nextel)
-Compatible with all wireless data cards and Bluetooth devices

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