Mundu IM supports Pocket PC and Sony Ericsson Phones

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Mundu IM supports Pocket PC and Sony Ericsson Phones

Mundo IM
Geodesic, makers of comprehensive mobile instant messaging products today announced Mundu IM for Pocket PC and select Sony Ericsson devices that works with AIM, MSN and Yahoo IM services through a single chat window on Pocket PC, Sony Ericsson J2ME, Palm OS, Windows Mobile Smartphone and iPhone devices. It also supports ICQ, Google Talk and Jabber from a single user interface. People with popular phones such as the Sony Ericsson W300i and K550i, HTC Mogul, Samsung BlackJack, Motorola Q, Palm Treo 750, Palm 700p and the iPhone will find Mundu IM useful.

Mundu IM V4 features include:

• Photo blogging and video sharing - Instant sharing of photos and videos taken from camera phones to contacts across all popular IM services, making collaboration and social networking easier than ever.

• File and music sharing - Ability to send files and music on mobile devices to buddies.

• Email notification - Real-time email notifications for Yahoo, MSN and Google accounts.

• Support for major mobile platforms – Mundu IM now supports Pocket PC, Sony Ericsson J2ME devices, Palm OS and Windows Mobile Smartphone platforms – in addition to the Apple® iPhone and iPod touch.

Users can experience the full feature set of Mundu IM V4 by downloading a free 5 day trial version from $11.00 gives users lifetime access to Mundu IM with no per-message charge.

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