Secure WiMAX VPN

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Secure WiMAX VPN

Wireless security provider Columbitech has announced news on how it helps secure roaming and single log-in capabilities within WiMax and various other networks. Similar to WiFi, WiMAX is a shared network, only with a much larger distance radius. Thus, there are security concerns that are much greater with WiMAX than when sitting in a crowded WiFi hotspot wondering if the guy with the laptop at the other end of the room is sniffing your WiFi traffic.

Columbitech has a solution designed to address these security needs without sacrificing overall end-user convenience. They announced what they claim is the first secure WiMAX-Ready VPN, enabling secure connection and seamless roaming to wireless broadband technology across any network supporting TCP/IP. According to Columbitech, acceptance testing of the new version of WiMAX-ready Columbitech Wireless VPN will be done in cooperation with leading WiMAX equipment suppliers.

The WiMAX-ready Columbitech Wireless VPN (WVPN), a session based security solution, provides users with a seamless and secure connection without having to constantly manually log-in. For example, a user can log on to a corporate network from home using Wi-Fi or any broadband connection available such as ADSL. The user can then travel to the airport, where the secure WVPN session to the corporate network can be resumed over the airport Wi-Fi network as soon as the laptop session has been resumed from hibernation. There is no need for the user to log in again, as the mutual authentication of the secure session is performed in the background and requires no user intervention.

Columbitech Wireless VPN also provides secure connections and seamless roaming across networks like GSM, 3G, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Amongst all these networks, Columbitech Wireless VPN both encrypts the transmitted data and offers various methods of user authentication to eliminate unauthorized access.

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