Verizon Nationwide Unlimited Anytime Minute Plans

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Verizon Nationwide Unlimited Anytime Minute Plans

Verizon Wireless has announced new Nationwide Unlimited Anytime Minute Plans that give customers all their calls – anytime to anyone in the U.S., including landline phones – that begin at a flat rate of $99.99 monthly access. Verizon Wireless Chief Marketing Officer Mike Lanman comments that these new plans "are moving the industry forward."

Hold on a minute there Nellie... $99 for unlimited mobile wireless calls is moving the industry forward? Talk to me when it's $24.99/month like Vonage is. $99/month is great for businesses or people that gab on their mobile phones all day long resulting in large overage charges, but for people like me that rarely talk on my mobile phone $99/month is pretty expensive. Give me unlimited data for $35/month with 1000 voice minutes and I'd be a happy camper. Till then I think I'm going to go with pre-paid cellular plans which are cheaper for me.

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