WMWifiRouter adds Wi-Fi Connection Sharing to Windows Mobile

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WMWifiRouter adds Wi-Fi Connection Sharing to Windows Mobile

Windows Mobile users looking to turn their mobile phone into an Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) device need not rely on ICS any more. WMWifiRouter is a piece of amazing freeware software that turns your Windows Mobile phone into a Wi-Fi router, giving any Wi-Fi device access to your cellphone plan's data network. This is similar in concept to the popular Treo DUN (Dial Up Networking) hackjob application, which lets you share you data connection over Bluetooth. Alas, Sprint decided to disable DUN, which required Treo fans to perform the aforementioned hack job. ICS comes with Windows Mobile, but AFAIK it requires a Bluetooth-enabled laptop or a Bluetooth dongle attached to a laptop. The beauty of WMWifiRouter is that your cell phone is a standard Wi-Fi router that ANYONE can use without the Bluetooth requirement.

Simply install WMWifiRouter on your Windows Mobile phone, run the application, and it automatically sets up an ad-hoc Wi-Fi network called WMWifiRouter. Then from any of your other wireless devices, i.e. laptop you can connect to the Internet. Ironically, Lisa Rotella, my IT support technician was installing WMWifiRouter on Rich Tehrani's new Verizon XV6800 Windows Mobile behind me when I read about WMWifiRouter on the Internet.


Nokia N800 Rich is excited to be able to use his XV6800 Windows Mobile to provide Internet access to his Nokia N800 Internet Tablet (WiFi only, no EVDO) for a "usable" web surfing experience. What's wrong with this picture? Rich is using the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet to browse the Internet when his Windows Mobile device has a browser on it! Rich and I agreed that the larger screen of the Nokia Internet Tablet, 800x480 resolution, and superb font rendering for the small screen were better than Windows Mobile. Microsoft need to take heed of both Rich's and my thoughts and offer a mobile device with a larger screen and better web usability. Supposedly Windows Mobile 7 will copy the iPhone's multi-touch technology to offer gesture surfing and navigation, which should improve usability. We shall see.

In any event, head on over to http://www.jongma.org/WMWifiRouter/ to download this cool app!

Read somewhere that Verizon removes ICS from its PDA phones which this software requires. Bummer. Might explain why Lisa isn't able to get this to work so far on Rich's Verizon phone. Stay tuned...

Update 2:
Lisa found another firmware a standalone ICS installer to load on Rich's XV6800 that enabled ICS. Will post the link to the firmware ICS installer once she sends it to me. WMWifiRouter is now working on Rich's XV6800. Here's the download link:

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