Xirrus - "Cut the Cord. No Wire to the Desktop - 100% wireless"

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Xirrus - "Cut the Cord. No Wire to the Desktop - 100% wireless"

Rich Tehrani has an excellent interview with wireless visionary, serial entrepreneur and CEO of both Xircom and Xirrus, Dirk Gates in the TMC Newsroom. Xirrus Arrays provide super high-capacity 802.11 access points by utilizing cell phone tower technology used by wireless carriers and are capable of sending signals in three directions. TMC uses Xirrus XN8 to provide full coverage in TMC's office. As CTO I made the decision to go with Xirrus after Rich Tehrani brought Xirrus to my attention last year. I've been meaning to write a full review of Xirrus, but alas have been busy. Let's just say I am very pleased with this Wi-Fi product. If you are an IT manager, CTO or, CIO, and struggling with Wi-Fi issues, you seriously need to look at Xirrus. Here's a photo of the XN8 on the ceiling in TMC's corporate headquarters:
Play the video to watch Rich's interview with Dirk Gates:
Gates explained how he believes wireless can completely replace wired connections - even in the enterprise, which is much more bandwidth-intensive than Wi-Fi in the home. Forget the TCO advantage of "one wire to the desktop" for Voice & Data, how bout "NO wire to the desktop"? That is Xirrus's mission. They believe their technology is reliable and can perform on par with wired connections with a much lower TCO.

In fact, Xirrus's Dirk Gates told me they're eating their own dog food and running completely wireless for all of their employees. Xirrus also has an interesting case study with a customer of theirs with a very large Wi-Fi deployment. Coppell Independent School District, located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas deployed Xirrus 802.11n Wi-Fi arrays. Today, as the largest employer in Coppell with over 1,200 employees, Coppell ISD has fifteen campuses serving nearly 10,000 students in grades K-12 including nine at the elementary level, three middle schools, two high schools, and an alternative campus. They would have to deploy 300 APs but were instead able to deploy only 17 Xirrus arrays saving money while retaining performance.

Chad Branum, Executive Director of Technology for Coppel Independent School District said, "A lot of our users over time had basically given up on wireless infrastructure and this [Xirrus] has allowed them to realize that it's solid it works well and that they can infuse mobility within their instruction within their classroom or anywhere in the facility. That I think has been the biggest mind shift from all of our staff members and our students. "

Check out this video from Brad Branum, explaining how Xirrus solved their wireless issues:

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