Xbox Live Outage

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Xbox Live Outage

Looks like Xbox Live is going offline for one whole day in preparation for the launch of the XBox 360 and to undergo some improvements. One whole day of no Xbox Live gaming? What will the Xbox Live addicts do? Will any commit suicide? And will the parents sue Microsoft for denying their teenagers their online gaming fix? Only time will tell. Here's the email from Microsoft I received a few hours ago.

Xbox Live® will be down for overhaul and redesign October 24, 2005—returning as a whole new animal October 25!

  • In preparation for the launch of Xbox Live on Xbox 360™, there will be a brief interruption of the Xbox Live service beginning on Monday, October 24. Service will return on Tuesday, October 25. Don't worry; leaderboard information for tournaments will not be affected.
  • At the same time, will also undergo a complete overhaul and redesign, and will relaunch with new features, new forums, and exciting new content soon after the Xbox Live service outage.

    What's Coming for Xbox Live Users on Xbox 360

    After this brief interruption of service, Xbox Live will be primed and ready to go with all-new features enabled by Xbox 360, ready to wow you with the launch of the system on November 22 in North America, December 2 in Europe, and December 10 in Japan.

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