The Golden Age of Cloud

Denise D'Arienzo : Business Communications in the Cloud
Denise D'Arienzo

The Golden Age of Cloud

As technology continues on its fast-paced trajectory, industry pundits everywhere are trying to predict the next great technological movement, but for years now all the attention has been on one area: cloud—and all things cloud related. That attention has grown with the escalation of cloud-based business benefits—to the degree that we are witnessing the golden age of cloud.

Let’s take a look at some of the most compelling statistics aggregated by Silicon Angle:

  • Spending on cloud services is expected to climb to more than $180 billion by 2015, meaning your competitors are all in.
  • 82% of companies state they have saved money by moving to the cloud.
  • Just 6 months after migrating to the cloud, 80% of cloud adopters reported business improvements. 

So why does cloud need to be in your upcoming forecast? 

1. Cost Savings

There are a number of reasons companies are eying a migration to cloud, chief among them is the cost savings. By investing in a cloud-based phone system, like Net2Phone Office, your company can enjoy a myriad of CAPEX/OPEX benefits. 

On the CAPEX side, your company can say goodbye to prohibitive costs associated with running your own servers and infrastructure, overseeing maintenance and compliance updates, and powering and cooling your equipment. On the OPEX side, your company will reap significant financial gains by freeing up your IT team to focus on more pressing administrative tasks—like internal security and BYOD movements—rather than every day management.

2. Big Business Advantages

One of the biggest challenges facing today’s businesses is that they are tasked to do more with fewer resources. In an overly saturated market—with many like-minded companies boasting similar value propositions—it can be difficult to stand out, especially if you are operating with a small budget. But a cloud-based phone system allows you to appear and act as a big business, even with a small business budget.

For instance, with Net2Phone Office, you can enjoy 40-plus advanced business features that will present you with the big business guise. 

  • Find Me/Follow Me allows employees to receive calls anywhere so business can be conducted on the road via their personal devices, while convincingly appearing to be stationed at the physical office.
  • Virtual receptionist, or auto attendant, can answer and route all your calls at no extra cost.
  • Voicemail-email integration, so your workers can receive their emails via phone, while on the go.

3. Heightened Experience

Another reason cloud is so attractive is that it removes the pressure on your IT team to have all the answers. For instance, when you host your communications system in the cloud, you no longer have to worry about searching for the answers to every little hiccup. Instead, your trusted cloud vendor can become your master of IT and assume that responsibility.

As the pioneer of VoIP since 1996 and the global leader in VoIP solutions, Net2Phone can be your trusted partner. The cloud-based Net2Phone Office phone system comes with an implementation team, ongoing support and superior customer service. Therefore, you can take comfort in knowing that you are teaming with a vendor that understands cloud—and has understood it—for decades.