3 Questions to Ask Before Saying Yes to A Vendor

Denise D'Arienzo : Business Communications in the Cloud
Denise D'Arienzo

3 Questions to Ask Before Saying Yes to A Vendor

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When it comes to migrating your communications to the cloud, you’ve probably completed the critical beginning steps by now. You’ve garnered executive buy-in and projected how much money you will save by converging your local, long-distance and broadband Internet services onto a single pipe.

But now begins the real challenge—picking the right vendor.

Because the need for cloud communication solutions is so great, vendors are popping up left and right—but not all can give you the custom solution that you seek. 

Here are a few chief questions your company should ask potential vendors before teaming with one—to ensure that your company enlists the services of the right vendor. 

1. How can I be sure you have a history of reliability?

When it comes to selecting your vendor, you may be tempted to cut corners when it comes to price or years of experience. But one area you cannot compromise on is reliability. After all, when you choose a new telecommunications provider, you are entrusting them to keep your business running.  

Therefore, when you look for a vendor, you want someone that boasts:

  • A Long Corporate Lineage: While this may be a new endeavor for your company, the very first versions of VoIP originated in the late 1980s. So search for a company that has a strong background in the space. Net2Phone, for instance, is a pioneer in the industry (the company was established in 1990) and, as a result, has been able to ensure that its VoIP solutions are in the top of its class. 
  • An Understanding of VoIP: A reliable vendor is one that understands the VoIP market intimately. Net2Phone was a pioneer in VoIP, emerging as a leading global provider for international voice termination—terminating more than 34 billion international minutes annually—with POPs across six continents.

2. Do you understand my specific business requirements?

While some companies are looking for plug-and-play solutions, others strive for customization. At the end of the day, there may be a number of factors driving you toward the world of cloud, including a need for hosted unified communications and hosted PBX, a new installed base of analog telephone sets, and support for the BYOD and mobility movement. A robust vendor will understand exactly what you are looking to accomplish with your cloud migration.

Let’s take a look at the chief reasons you may want to go the hosted VoIP route and what you need in your vendor to successfully advance that goal: 

  • Cost Savings: As mentioned often, a huge driver of Hosted VoIP is the cost savings attached. So look for a vendor that keeps your dollars well-protected. Net2Phone, for example, enables companies to leverage its carrier power and enjoy significant savings on outbound and inbound calling.
  • Consolidation: One of the inherent benefits of Hosted VoIP is that it allows companies to merge their voice and data services. Search for a vendor that permits you to use your existing IP connection, by relying on cloud-based technology to deliver telephone services and unified communications.
  • Heightened Flexibility: Hosted VoIP allows companies to enjoy maximum flexibility when it comes to making the switch. Specifically, Net2Phone Office offers month-to-month billing, no contracts, no commitments, and no cancellation fees.  You can even sign up with as little as one extension and "pay-as-you-grow"!  

3. How easy will it be to switch my service? 

Switching to new technologies keeps a number of chief executives up at night. And the last thing they want to worry about when investing in new technology is integration issues. Best-in-class vendors should practically breathe smooth interoperability and integration. Net2Phone Office, for example, does not require the purchase of any additional hardware to begin enjoying hosted VoIP capabilities. Moreover, existing numbers can be ported over easily, so downtime is never experienced.             

Above all else, your vendors should be willing and able to help—no matter if your question is simple or complex. At Net2Phone Office, for example, we offer sizeable support along with a full customer care center and implementation team. 


Armed and ready with questions, you are now ready to begin your vendor vetting process. A world of limitless cloud potential is ready to be unlocked. Click here to get a free quote and get started on your selection process today!