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Seriously – No Website?

May 18, 2006
Tracey Schelmetic has some interesting views on restaurants and hotels with no website.
It’s not hard to prognosticate that as today’s consumers under the age of 25 get older, the world will be forced to become more digital in order to accommodate them. These are young people who have grown up in front of PCs; and even the oldest in this generation can barely remember a time before e-mail and Web surfing. Taken as a whole, they are an instant gratification generation with shorter attention spans than previous generations. If you explain to them that once upon a time, business people frequently communicated via postal mail … sending a letter, waiting days for it to arrive in the recipient’s office, then days more for the recipient to post a response … they look at you as if you have three heads and crab claws for arms. You must also explain that once upon a time, long-distance telephone calls were quite expensive, and many businesses had only one phone line. My grandparents were a part of a generation that believed that if you make or receive a long-distance phone call, somebody must have died. There was no other excuse…
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