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Call Centers' Hunger For Actionable Data Drives Profits For Inova's Real-Time Reporting Solutions

July 11, 2005

There are certain technologies many of us in the industry are guilty sometimes of considering less capable of innovation than other areas of the industry: display technologies and headsets are two industries that sometimes fall prey to these very undeserved prejudices.

Turns out, while many people were considering display technologies commodities -- a sort of necessary purchase but not one to get excited about -- the companies that produce these products and their associated real-time data applications are quietly doing very well.

Why? The contact center industry has become data hungry. More specifically, it has become hungry for real-time, actionable data. Companies that offer these real-time information solutions have found themselves selling to customer service organizations of all ilks in an increasingly precise quest to gather information not after the fact ("What did we do right? What did we do wrong?") but in time to effect changes that will make a real difference in current campaigns. Couple this with the continued drive to turn call centers into profit-generating entities, and it's not surprising to see results like those posted today by Inova Solutions, which is reporting a 75 percent increase this first half of the year over the same time period last year. The full release is below.


Inova Solutions Experiencing 75% Growth in 2005 - Revenues increase 75 percent in first half of year

(July 11, 2005) Charlottesville, VA - Inova Solutions, a leading provider of real-time information solutions, announced today that it is experiencing 75% growth this year when compared with the same period last year. The success is attributed to strong repeat business from clients, new products that were launched in late 2004 and the addition of several new strategic clients.

"The high importance placed on real-time information solutions is demonstrated by the significant investment companies are making in this technology, contributing to Inova's impressive revenue growth," stated Tom Hubbard, CEO of Inova Solutions. "Our clients are increasing their investment in Inova technology to drive workforce productivity gains. This is particularly true in their call centers which are time-sensitive environments where even small improvements can translate into significant cost savings."

Further contributing to Inova's growth is the availability of Version 5.0 of the Inova Performance Optimization Suite. The suite enables companies to rapidly integrate data from across call center systems and locations, delivering real-time operational and performance views to business users in a variety of formats designed to inform decisions and prompt actions.

Guided by customer requirements, Inova developed Version 5.0 to be more robust and flexible than ever. The underlying middleware now employs a distributed architecture model allowing it to efficiently scale to handle complex data integrations with ease, and eliminating any single point of failure for rock-solid reliability. The suite features an expanded off-the-shelf library of integration adapters, improved configuration and security, and enhanced data analysis tools.

Version 5.0 also includes two new products for data presentation. Inova Corporate Broadcaster mixes real-time data with multimedia content on large format displays for high impact communication that informs call center personnel of current conditions and motivates them into action. And Inova Performance Tracker provides Inova customers with a toolkit for developing browser-based digital dashboards that allow management to monitor real-time and near-term historical performance to quickly identify trends and issues.

"We anticipate call center IT spending to continue to focus on performance enhancing technology, and with some exciting new products coming this fall we expect our full year revenue to outpace the 26% year-over-year growth we enjoyed in 2004," concluded Mr. Hubbard.

About Inova Solutions

Inova Solutions is a leading global provider of real-time information solutions.

Inova's products integrate data from existing systems to provide unified views of live and historical metrics for improved decision making and increased productivity. Superior technology, world-class services and support, and over two decades of industry experience allows us to craft powerful solutions that deliver measurable results to a diverse customer base including many Fortune and Blue Chip companies. Inova Solutions is headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia, with regional sales and service representation across North America, Europe/Middle East/Africa (EMEA) and Asia Pacific. Learn more about Inova Solutions at

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