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June 2012

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A little green and way to Literal @EnVii

June 29, 2012

Our post about #DevCon5 got this response from @EnVii @DevConFive since when is HTML considered a ‘programming’ language? hint: ‘M’ stands for ‘markup’ While the statement is true the reality is that Programming gets embedded into the markup and with the browser acting more like a client server model the programming calls are coming from [...]

Apple Tel

June 27, 2012

Nothing frustrates me more than the Internet Toaster discussion. While it is true that the Internet has done some amazing technology changes for us, the reality is that outside plant still requires truck rolls and people. So when someone says that Apple is going to buy a carrier, I have to question if they were [...]

Going to the Bank or Taking a Bath?

June 25, 2012

I am waiting for the plane and everywhere I turned I saw the iPhone. Everyone has one, kids, parents, and grandparents. Apple has made the device franca. No wonder Microsoft is treading lightly as it figures out how to compete with the iPhone and iPad. Nokia and Surface are the brands of record and not [...]

Are We Setting Precedent or Just Looking over a Precipice

June 18, 2012

Greeks are having elections; PACs are gathering Millions and Apple had their Developer Conference. It’s easy to see why; I am not catching a lot of attention. According to the news we are on the precipice. My articles focus on the precedents. In conversations this week, I have been told that my Regulatory 2.0 efforts [...]

Would you “like” it if I bothered Tweeting 2B or Not2B

June 10, 2012

If someone is clever enough to make an application of following the Wall Street Journal 2B index of companies, I will work with them to promote it, but it will also add to the paradox. The paradox is that about 2/3rds of the postings to Twitter are through the APIs. So in effect you have [...]