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Carl Ford has been exploring  internetworking issues his entire career. From the development of private networks, SONET Rings and fiber optics to special AIN features,  Carl's 20+ years have always focused on satisfying customers needs. This focus has given him  a unique grasp on the impact that cost, regulatory and marketing issues have in rolling out new services. 
While working on Verizon's Internet strategy, Carl focused on the internetworking side of the business service for and specific purposese (not sure what you want to say here).   Carl utilized this experience when he  joined Telcordia to develop the first Class 5 Softswitch. 
Carl later took his experience to Pulvermedia where he advocated for new VoIP protocols with various standards bodies. As a community developer for Pulvermedia, Carl developed all of the VON Conference content and became a significant voice for VON, a very successful IP Communciations event.   As an integral part of the IP Communciations community, Carl has been instrumental in helping develop various trade organizations and has advised many companies on both strategic and technical issues to satisfy the needs of these company's customers. 

Today, Carl Ford, as a partner at Crossfire Media, is developing programs that bring to light  an understanding of the issues  required for  delivering broadband wireless Internet services with existing technologies and facilitated by a variety of smart end user devices. As a board member of the VON Coalition, Carl runs weekly phone calls to communicate the latest regulatory issues affecting  the entire industry. Carl writes for FierceVoIP, 4G-Wireless Evolution and blogs his unique views at
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