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Android UpDate

As a good friend puts it, when Google supports a product it's hard to tell.  The company lives virtually in so many ways and for those of us who tried the "GPhone" it was an interesting experience having HTC try to be customer care after T-Mobile punted.

So for many there is some skepticism on the new Developer Console, but it does solve a few problems that are familiar to the small app developer.

What’s new in the Developer Console preview:
Updated look and feel
New publishing experience, ability to compare new and old APK versions
Create store listings in more languages
Statistics on user ratings and reviews
Updating your app in the new site makes automated store listing translations available to users on the web

The following features are not yet supported in the new Developer Console. If you need to use these features, you can click “switch back” at any time to use the old Developer Console.

While at the code level, the APK Expansion Files, Multiple APK support
Announcements and IE9 support are somewhat useful.

The real value maybe in the expansion of the support with the Partner channel.  As many companies question the Motorola Mobility acquisition the expansion of partner support makes it easier for developers to feel that they are not hitting a dead end.

It's unclear yet, if we get to the point where updates get us past the google symbian look alike contest and that is probably the biggest issue I have as my Galaxy Note stays firmly in Android 2.3.n

I am building some apps now for Android, I will let you know how I make out.




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