SEO-Friendly Rules to Write By

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SEO-Friendly Rules to Write By

In a recent blog, we discussed how to implement “safe” SEO practices on your website to avoid being affected by ongoing search engine algorithm changes, highlighting the need to develop continuous, high-quality and credible content that’s written in an SEO-friendly way.

How do you write “SEO-friendly” content? To find out, I turned to the experts here at TMCnet, who had the following tips and best practices to share based on their experience building Online Communities:

1) Make it Meaningful

Scott Bouchard, Web Director of TMCnet suggests that when writing content, keep it original, stating: “Even if it isn’t a breaking story, put your spin on whatever you are covering.” If the piece is unique and demonstrates your company’s insight or opinion, chances are it will be viewed as more credible by search engines.  Bouchard also recommends brief, targeted and engaging titles for content that will grab interest while also making it clear what the article is about.  Finally, Bouchard recommends linking with care, meaning that links are important but must be relevant and balanced, much like how references are used in research papers as supporting documentation or for further reading.

2) Call Out Your Keyword

TMCnet Web Editor Stefanie Mosca suggested that content be focused on, and heavily promote, a certain keyword. We all know that keywords help you get ranked on search engines and are a great way to reach your target audience who is going online to look for information about your term. Mosca recommends getting the keyword incorporated early-on in the content piece and incorporating it throughout, but with balance. And, going back to Bouchard’s comment on linking, be sure to link your piece back to articles or sites that also include your keyword term.

3) Check, Double Check then Check Again

Similar to how you should audit an Online Community periodically, so too should you constantly check your links, your spelling and your grammar. These things, like they did in grade school, matter in how well your piece gets “Graded” on SEO-friendliness.

4) Stay “In the Know”

Even though you may have mastered these tips, one thing to realize is that the rules are always changing, as Stefania Viscusi, Assignment Desk Editor tells us the “one thing that’s stuck with me the 5 years I’ve been here is that the rules never stay the same.” Keeping up with the latest techniques and “black hat” versus “white hat” SEO practices is the first step to ensuring you are writing SEO-friendly content that gets you ranked on major search engines.

These are just a few of many tips, of course. What are your favorite practices for ensuring your content is SEO-friendly? Comment here or find us on Twitter (@ConnectinCloud). To learn more about the best ways to use Content on an Online Community, check out our upcoming Webinar.
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