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Erik Linask

Welcome to Convergence Corner

I've been meaning to do this for several months now -- actually start this blog, that is. In fact, I wrote much of this initial entry several months ago on a flight home from ITEXPO in Miami, but there it stayed, in a folder on my hard drive labeled Convergence Corner.

Well, the evolution of the communications space is incredibly exciting, and every time I see something happen, I think to myself, "That would make for a great blog entry." So, it's about time I take advantage of the opportunity I have to pen my thoughts on happenings in this exciting world that encompasses so much... from simple VoIP to Unified Communications and beyond.

Of course, one of the wonders of the communications space is that it touches so many other areas of life -- all of them perhaps -- from the financial sector I came from, to the sporting world I follow with fervor, to the education space I have to follow now that my oldest child is in school, to family life, since it provides an opportunity to easily communicate with my Mother in Estonia.

So, what exactly is Convergence Corner about? Well, the amazing thing about this space is there are so many ways to define convergence that there are hardly any boundaries... voice & video, fixed & mobile, voice & data & video, enterprise & contact center, and I've already acknowledged that the communications space touches every other industry. So really, Convergence Corner is all about how different communications technologies come together to unite our lives, at work, at home, and at play.

By the way, since I began this far too lengthy exercise during the last ITEXPO, I should also point out that the next one is just around the corner, September 16-18 in Los Angeles. I hope to see you there.

Please enjoy my commentary on a vast and rapidly evolving space, and of course, I welcome any and all comments.


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