The VoIP Industry Speaks at ITEXPO... more videos

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Erik Linask

The VoIP Industry Speaks at ITEXPO... more videos

What a day at ITEXPO.  I didn't have a chance to attend any of the conference sessions, but I spent the day interviewing various industry experts on the show floor.  The list of interviewees reads like a who's who of the IP Communications space and, as you might expect, they had some great insight as to what's going on in the industry, and why that has all resulted in a turnout for our show that reinforces the strength of the industry, even in this trying economy.

Today's list: TI, Fujitsu, VoltDelta, Digium, TelcoBridges, Grandstream, Orecx, Interactive Intelligence, IPitomy, Ingate, and Allworx. 
It's safe to say whatever you're looking for in the way of communications solutions, you can find it from these companies.
But what was truly refreshing about talking with industry experts from all corners of the industry is that the level of appreciation they exhibited for the commitment of the audience that showed up for the show in this economy.  Let's be honest, nobody was completely certain as to what the attendance would really be like, but I can now say that not only has the hall has been full of people, but those people have all been genuinely interested in the innovation on display and how it can help their businesses be more productive.
We're working hard to get all the videos posted as quickly as possible, but while today's set is being processed, enjoy the latest videos posted from the show (in addition to those that were already posted yesterday):
With two exciting days behind us, here's hoping a fitting encore awaits in the morning. I know my day will again be filled with conversation with some of the industry's preeminent thought leaders.

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