Why You Should be Paying Attention to Unified Communications

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Erik Linask

Why You Should be Paying Attention to Unified Communications

I spent last week between Minneapolis and Chicago on the Great Lakes leg of the Putting SIP to Work tour, with Sonus, Arrow S3, and Level 3.

It was quite the week, thanks to Mother Nature, who decided to knock out power in the Minneapolis hotel, and then returned Thursday evening with a band of storms stretching from Massachusetts to Texas, shutting down LaGuardia airport in the process. 

Those distractions aside, the seminar series, which began the previous week in Dallas, has served as an eye opener to more than a few businesses in each city, thanks to some eye-opening statistics regarding SIP adoption and both hard and soft benefits that can be enjoyed.  The greatest “A-ha moment” was during a discussion of just how much time employees waste on administrative tasks every day – finding and reaching the right people, scheduling, dealing with redundant or unnecessary communications, etc. – and how much of that time SIP-based UC can recover.


Naturally, in order to enjoy maximum benefits of any technology, you have to deploy it properly, which, in the case of SIP, may mean including a session border controller at the enterprise network edge to help mediate between the different flavors of SIP and manage traffic, including prioritization and security.  After all, despite being an internationally recognized standard, every vendor puts a proprietary spin on SIP, creating an inherent difficulty in making a connection between two SIP endpoints. 

If your business hasn’t yet developed a migration strategy for moving from your legacy communications system to SIP-based UC, the next two sessions in Boston (tomorrow, July 31) and New York (Thursday, August 2) are your next opportunities to not only understand why SIP has become the de facto protocol for enterprise UC, but also why you can’t afford to wait. 

The simple explanation is this:  The market, including your customers and your competitors, are going IP.  If you don’t want to be left behind, you will do the same. 

Join Sonus, Arrow S3, and Level 3 – along with TMC senior editor Peter Bernstein – to see the proof in the pudding.


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