Valve Has A Familiar Idea Waiting For GDC 2013

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Valve Has A Familiar Idea Waiting For GDC 2013

With the 2013 installment of the Game Developers' Conference coming to San Francisco's Moscone Center in a little over two months, it's clear that some are already looking to see what's coming up. Valve is set to lead the way, complete with some very impressive new offerings, including two that may look a bit familiar to long-time gamers.

GDC 2013 will add two talks as part of their Programming and Design tracks at the GDC main conference delivered by the profoundly popular gaming company. The talks in question will focus on two key points: one, on the porting of Valve's popular series Team Fortress 2 to VR goggles, and two, a discussion of the overall challenges in research and development of head-mounted display systems. Among these particular challenges include stereo support, rendering 2D user interfaces in a 90 degree field of display and several others.

Sure, the idea of virtual reality was huge in the 1990s, but we never really lost the longing for a gaming experience so thoroughly immersive that we actually felt like we were there. We got close with games like Dactyl Nightmare, but that was mostly owing to a gimmicky control scheme rather than the storyline of the game or the overall quality of same. But virtual reality didn't really die out so much as it did change. The rise of first person shooters are, essentially, an expression of those early days behind the gun stalking pterodactyls and, of course, each other.

But a head-mounted display with modern-era technology could be a powerful gaming tool indeed, and one that bears close watching. Maybe Valve can bring us into this new and exciting future. Only time will tell if that's the case, but they've certainly got a step ahead on the competition.

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