Fallout 4 Fever Never Really Stopped

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Fallout 4 Fever Never Really Stopped

"Fallout 4". Just mentioning these words to a lot of gamers will make eyes flash with new life, and bring to mind a whole lot of exciting ideas. Some of us out there--and I count myself among them--have been awaiting this game since the final minutes of "Lonesome Road". When I watched Ulysses walk away, and went on to Hoover Dam to wrap up the game for good, all I could wonder was "when is the next one coming?" Sure, I loved "Skyrim"--most everyone did--but the wasteland was calling. And now, as we look to this year's E3 and Bethesda's first ever press conference at the event, the game on a lot of minds is "Fallout 4" all over again.

But with the show still just over a month out, a new tidbit slipped out suggesting that a trailer may already be in the making from no less than Guillermo del Toro. The word is that a contract 3D artist with Mirada Studios hit LinkedIn with a new accomplishment, four simple words that had Fallout fans reeling: Fallout 4 cinematic trailer. That's a pretty big point indeed, and though early word about said trailer featured nasty phrases like "inaccuracies" and "NDA", it was enough to respark interest in the great game all over again.

We know full well that Bethesda will need some serious firepower in its upcoming press conference, since it will essentially lead off the E3 news cycle. "Fallout 4" will pretty much do the job in terms of heavy-hitters, but Bethesda has quite a bit else it can bring out, ranging from news on "The Elder Scrolls Online" to news about new properties like "Doom" and "BattleCry", with some even putting outside hope on "The Elder Scrolls 6," a development that would stagger the imagination to have both a Fallout and an Elder Scrolls title in the same show.

We'll find out in about a month, though, just which titles actually make the big show and which don't. But either way...this should be quite the month.

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