Catch the Leaked Fallout 4 Video Yet?

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Catch the Leaked Fallout 4 Video Yet?

I think anyone who's been looking at the Fallout 4 situation figured it was only going to be a matter of time. The video being shown behind closed doors at Gamescom and, ostensibly, also at QuakeCon, has leaked, and is showing up in the strangest places.

Looking like it was shot on a potato--to use the common Internet parlance--the video first made an appearance on YouTube. It's not only rather poor-quality video, but it's also hidden behind the shoulders of other attendees. But after quick intervention from Bethesda got the video shut down, it made an appearance elsewhere, out at

Naturally, as is commonly the case with video a lot of people care about on YouTube, Bethesda's move to quash it had the half life of molten boron. It didn't take long for several other channels to pick it up, and to this day, searching for "Fallout 4 leak" still offers some results, though not so many as once were seen. Some reports suggest the video is now currently gone, so if you haven't seen it, you may be out of luck until November.

The point isn't so much to let people know about the leak, however, as it is to note its existence in general. Bethesda stepped on its share of toes keeping this gameplay video hidden from the general public like this, and it's not surprising that some enterprising soul, eager for YouTube notoriety, would make a video and put it to the Web. There were some interesting points in the video; we saw that hacking and lockpicking would remain roughly the same as were seen in times past, and we also noted a bit more about the perks system thanks to a closer look at that Vault-Boy poster were such were better detailed. Medicine and Sneak, for example, now appear to be perks right alongside the likes of Animal Friend and Bloody Mess, a strange concept to be sure, but one that makes a note of familiar sense.

It's actually rather galling that, even after all this, Bethesda's still sitting on this video. It was reasonable enough to offer it up as a premium for convention attendees, but for crying out loud, even Gamescom has been shut down for most of a week now. How long does Bethesda plan to sit on this video, anyway? Obviously, this isn't the kind of thing that's going to make anyone cancel a pre-order, but for crying out loud, the cat is out of the bag and wandering around the living room. It might as well just release the video because the suspense is as shot in the tukhus as Forrest Gump.

Still, what the leaked video had to share was noteworthy enough, and for those eager for November, there will be little to fear in advance of it's release. This is going to be easy fodder for Game of the Year, and considering the DLC and mods to follow, well, we're just getting started.

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