A Skyrim Port for Xbox One Technically Exists

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A Skyrim Port for Xbox One Technically Exists

For the last four years or so, Skyrim was the top of the heap when it came to Bethesda video games, by virtue of it being the most recent of the company's releases. With Fallout 4 on the way, and Skyrim about to be old news once and for all, this game with a surprising longevity is about to get a fresh spark of life.

Bethesda could have released Fallout 4 right alongside the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, reports suggest, but instead Bethesda took a little extra time with the developer kits beforehand. And where did Bethesda get its practice? Skyrim.

Yes, that means that there's currently a version of Skyrim geared to work on the Xbox One. But no, it won't be released, at least not any time soon. Todd Howard, when Game Informer asked him about it, suggested "don't get your hopes up." It's not on the docket right now--and with good reason; Fallout 4 is still technically under development, with a dev kit poised for an early 2016 launch and all-but-inevitable DLC to follow. But we might well see it in mid-2016 or even late, as a few other releases come out and perhaps we start to hear about The Elder Scrolls VI: Wherever It Is We're Set Now.

In fact, one clear possibility comes to mind. Remember how, as a preorder bonus for Fallout 4, Fallout 3 was offered as an Xbox One title thanks to the backward compatibility? Maybe, just maybe, Howard et al are going to hold on to that new Skyrim port until it can be used as a preorder bonus for the next installment of Elder Scrolls. It's a possibility, certainly; not the only one but still a possibility.

It'll be exciting to see just what possibility becomes reality here. But right now, there's a whole new breed of Skyrim available, and we could be in for an interesting time to follow.

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