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Dialogian Thought on DiaStar and OpenSource Comms

April 28, 2010

Dialogic is not just the name of the company I work for. It is also some kind of philosophical word relating to reenacting what has come before, and what will come in the future. Whether that is common sense or deep philosophy I do not know, but it probably helps explain why I went into engineering - you design the widget and it either works or it doesn't.    At any rate, Dialogic's DiaStar project is very Dialogian indeed - since it certainly has roots and influence both from our many years of experience in providing high quality media engines in the form of software and boards and is looking forward with expectation of being a player in the OpenSource telecommunications space.   Yes, the OpenSource space.   Dialogic has started to introduce specific products to serve the OpenSource space. Martyn Davies of Dialogic wrote the words below in one of his blogs on our Corporate Blog space. Given they say what I would have said, and probably better, I just reproduce them here.
  The idea behind DiaStar is to create a product that acts as a bridge between Asterisk and some of the powerful technology that Dialogic makes.  You configure a Woomera driver (chan_woomera) in the Asterisk box, and this connects (e.g. via Ethernet) to the DiaStar media server, which contains our clever software, and also possibly one or more TDM boards, where the physical PSTN interface is needed.  DiaStar adds value in several key areas, including;

·         Video (e.g. record, playback, IVVR) ·         Call Progress Analysis (for outbound calling) ·         SS7 (ISUP) for large/scaleable call center apps ·         Load balancing/resilience across multiple servers

On the Asterisk side, the system is programmed using the conventional Asterisk approach, i.e. AGI or call plan, so this makes a nice extensible Asterisk solution that brings some of the benefits Dialogic is famous for with its proprietary telecom APIs.  Please do take a look if you're into Asterisk and / or open source.  

Bringing advanced features that we know well to a space that needs them. Very Dialogian indeed.
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