TMC University and other ITEXPO West 2008 Educational Opps

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TMC University and other ITEXPO West 2008 Educational Opps

Jorge Rodriguez is the best source I've found of fantastic testimonial as to how empowering ITEXPO is. He has completed the trixbox workshops and now runs Telecomm Managed Networks Inc in which he sets up and hosts 180 call centers in his very successful business based on open source technologies. He recommends trixbox and DIDX in this video and cannot seem to say enough about his happiness with monetizing IP communications because of ITEXPO conferences.

See all the workshops and professional certifcations available at For a limited time, I believe there are also scholarships you can apply for. ITEXPO West 2008 is scheduled for Sept 16-18, 2008. Sign up at (Come meet at exhibit 153.)

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