ITEXPOs Mix IP Communications with Everything

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ITEXPOs Mix IP Communications with Everything

I'm always pleasantly surprised at the ability of TMC to bring together every piece of the puzzle of monetizing IP communications. There is less talk of VoIP is dead, where is the innovation, and mash-ups. Instead, it's all about reality and encouraging a variety of entities to meet each other and do business.

Example 1: Miami Herald is at ITEXPO East the past few years, and this year, the group informed me that they are buying from other exhibitors and their own sales of the paper online and offline subscriptions increase at each show. They will be back!

Example 2: I met IPiFony at a small WISP conference called ISPCON in San Jose, CA in November 2008 and was impressed with the level of knowledge of the history, current status, and future thinking of IP communications of the company Matthew Hardeman. I encouraged them to exhibit at ITEXPO East this year, and they did, and what a success. I think you'll be seeing Matthew give some new easy to understand insight in presentations at future conferences. I interviewed him a few times and have the videos on Youtube, here and on Viddler. I showed my Dad who from there started giving his own presentations in his little rural Northwest Florida town to other senior citizens about technology and VoIP.

Example 3: Listen to my short interview with Carrie Childs at! She represents the South Florida Technology Alliance and Lindsay Group, Inc. based in Ft Lauderdale, Florida. SFTA is an organization, a forum, that brings to together technology professionals to learn and share best practices several times each month. The Lindsay Group, Inc. is a woman-owned business that provides national employment solutions specifically related to technology, accounting, finance, and marketing. They have 20 years experience. Their websites are and

The next ITEXPO is like Go West, young man for your gold, and it's scheduled for

October 27-29, 2009
Los Angeles Convention
Center in Los Angeles, CA


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