Steven Johnson, President of inGate Up and Atom Like Me

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Steven Johnson, President of inGate Up and Atom Like Me

I've been working in the lobby of Royal Palm Resort in Miami Beach since 5:30 AM. Love the free wifi and my trusty Starbuck's grande coffee of the day with 2 packets of natural sugar. A second person, a gentleman in a long-sleeved black t-shirt sits down to work on his laptop. I ask him, "You wouldn't happen to be here for a conference, would you?"

"Yes, ITEXPO," with a nice smile... it's Steven Johnson, president of inGate. 

You know who they are... the ones who are offering the powerful free SIP Trunking workshops Feb. 2-5, 2009 during ITEXPO.

Featured this season:

  • Step-by-step, interactive sessions to
    illustrate the what, why and how of
    SIP trunking architecture
  • Carrier-specific seminars; IP-PBX
    seminars as well
  • Case studies to delve deeper into the issues
  • ROI-focused sessions: the value proposition
    of SIP trunks
  • SIP Trunking Boot Camp for "Basic Training"
    on SIP trunk installations

Security sessions with VOIPSA (think Dan York) will discuss VoIP and SIP trunk security.

Attendees can earn a SIP Trunking Professional Certificate by participating in the Professional Development Program on the first day of the Show.

It pays to get up early. I'm Suzanne Bowen from DIDX, a supporting organization sponsor, bowling party sponsor during ITEXPO, and exhibitor at ITEXPO. Sign up to participate in ITEXPO now at

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