So Many Hits on the FreeSWITCH Post! Interest in HD Conferencing

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So Many Hits on the FreeSWITCH Post! Interest in HD Conferencing

It was simply a matter of friendship but also the strong interest on the part of several thousand members of DIDX that encouraged me to interview Anthony Minessale and Brian West of FreeSWITCH™ yesterday in podcast format. I didn't realize how many would listen in. Some asked for more information especially about the HD conferencing progress.

Just a two letter prefix "HD" to telephony is a hit around the globe. Anthony explains in an article on FreeSWITCH™ site the original definition, history, and technology of HD. He mentions, "... higher quality audio shines is when you have several phones on the same network that support HD-audio."

And... "There is a misconception that because the quality of the audio is higher, then the amount of bandwidth necessary to transport that audio must also increase by the same factor. "

Finally... "Many new SIP phones now support high quality audio using g722 as well as low bandwidth codecs such as g729."

Many comments directly to me on email in regards to the FreeSWITCH™ podcast included actually a question; which phones are compatible to this technology? I'd love to see comments directly on this post from readers to answer this question.

See additional and extremely pertinent information at And... meet with global open source developers at Aug. 4-6, 2009 in Chicago. Facebook has a pre, during, and post networking area at Cluecon on Facebook. Our DIDXchange media channels are a media partner for Cluecon '09.

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