Monetize your IP Communications for a Net School Group

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Monetize your IP Communications for a Net School Group

I feel certain that the readers of this blog are the real telephony experts, early adopters, think tank types, not me, so that is why I am asking you to check this request from a school on the web group. 

They are looking for a system where people can call in from a cell phone line in El Salvador. Their call would be answered by inputting a PIN #.

Then they could have an option to listen to voice mail prompts--questions or multiple choice, respond and playback their recording. If these files could be saved as .wav files that would be best.

A second option would be to be put through to someone else on the line to speak to directly, i.e., have a conversation.

Much of this technology is already used in call centers, except for the conference calling feature (being able to talk to one or more people at the same time). Again, conference calling technology exists and most likely uses VOIP.

They know that the readers of this blog, various companies offer all of these things and the DIDX lines (for El Salvador), right? Looking for your comments and directions! You can comment on this blog, on my Facebook page, email, or call me.

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