Allahwala and Vance on Increasing Innovation with Asterisk

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Allahwala and Vance on Increasing Innovation with Asterisk

Rehan Allahwala, CEO of Super Technologies, Inc. and inventor of DIDX and Virtual Phone Line, Greg Vance, of Digium, and I were kind of "think tanking"  in the CommunicAsia conference press room where we thought it would be quiet. Loud in there, but not as loud as the conference exhibition areas, so...

The discussion begins with Asterisk training programs needed in the India, Pakistan and Bangladesh region because of the extreme fertility and plethora of talented engineers. From there, we hear of the need for training partners in the complete APEC region from eastern to western and from northern to southern parts of Asia. Perhaps collaborations at a reasonable price for DCAP certification among universities and Digium? Remember, this is just brainstorming... and "no one is asking for free lunch," says Rehan.

With MCSE (Microsoft Certified Engineer) completion at $100, something similarly priced, even stripped down if needed would grow the kind of talent that can embrace Asterisk and from there monetize. Nothing wrong with monetizing. It's how people pay their bills and take care of their families.

Imagine, the more engineers certified from those regions and anywhere, the more "cards" would sell. Worldwide companies are already outsourcing to the Indo-Pak and Bangladeshi region for open source knowledgeable engineers.

A salary of $300 - $500 per month will buy in Pakistan, India or Bangladesh what $3000 - $4000 per month might buy in California. Enough said. 

Watch the video on Youtube and do your own brainstorming about increasing innovation with Asterisk, freeSWITCH and other open source telephony tools and applications.

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