Conference Participants Compete Vietnam Communications 2009

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Conference Participants Compete Vietnam Communications 2009

Arrived in Chicago last night for and immediately realized my Nokia E71 is lost. But now it is found, and the savior will ship it to me today. I'm sitting in the lobby of our hotel which has free WIFI, breakfast, fitness center, and shuttle to CTA station. Browsing Twitter and Facebook, answering email, and noted a new BEST PRACTICE for conferences from KoreaTech. The Vietnam International Communications Summit & Expo 2009  (scheduled for November 18-21, 2009) in Hanoi is kicking the excitement off with a writing contest. The topic is "Best Idea in Future ICT Vietnam."

"People from all types of jobs and different parts of society are welcome to participate by sharing their interesting ideas, no matter about future ICT products' innovation, applications and service improvement, which may lead to healthier growth of the ICT industry in Vietnam and give future development insights to the industry professionals from the end users' view points. All original works must be typed in English or Vietnamese and are submitted to the organizers no later than October 30, 2009. The winning pieces will be judged by its innovativeness and feasibility and the winners will be awarded with attractive prizes. For more information on the contest, please visit show website"

People enjoy competition when they feel it is fairly judged. Several will be held during the expos for the Hanoi event to enhance both exhibitors' innovativeness and public participation. For instance, the competitions of booth design and most interactive booth design competition will be voted by visitors. To demonstrate appreciation to those exhibitors who showed valuable contribution to the ICT industry development in Vietnam, a few more awards of appreciation will be presented to exhibitors at the expos.

P.S. Another best practice for conferences is to fill in the descriptions of presentations of presenters in advance of the event. Even after I have asked everyone I can think of ... involved in one conference I presented at this year, to at least fill in the description of my presentation I submitted two weeks before the presentation... it still is blank. :(


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