PTC's Q & A with Jeannie Diefenderfer, Verizon

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PTC's Q & A with Jeannie Diefenderfer, Verizon

Q&A with Jeannie Diefenderfer

Jeannie Diefenderfer is Senior Vice President of Global Engineering and Planning for Verizon Business. Please read on to learn more about Jeannie and her participation in PTC'10.

Why are you attending PTC'10?
Verizon (and its predecessor company MCI) has supported and attended the PTC for well over 15 years. PTC provides an excellent opportunity to share ideas. I see PTC as a key conference that attracts a wide range of global senior industry representatives. I am thankful to PTC for this opportunity to present the Verizon message, meet with industry leaders and strengthen relationships around the world.

What do you expect as a result of attending PTC'10?
I expect to meet and discuss issues with industry leaders, to grow my understanding of the industry, and create new relationships with others at PTC. As a result of my participation at PTC 2010, I hope to continue Verizon awareness, to share our experiences and vision in a way that will stimulate thoughts and ideas amongst other executives and academics in this wonderful industry. I look forward to sharing our future efforts and interested to understand more about what others are seeing in their markets.

What are you going to talk about at PTC'10?
One of my key responsibilities includes the planning and engineering of Verizon's fiber to the premises (FTTP) platform which supports the award-winning FiOS Internet/Data/Voice and TV service in the United States. As such, the focus of my presentation will be U.S. domestic - showing our leading edge capabilities across the spectrum.

Point your browser to PTC'10 to find out more about the conference and expo (Jan. 17-20, 2010) whose byline is "Embracing the Cloud: Enabling Connectivity and Innovation."

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