Oh but T.38 Just Isn't Reliable!

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Oh but T.38 Just Isn't Reliable!

My company works with thousands of IP communications companies, CLECs, incumbents, wireless operators and entrepreneurs from as many as 170 nations right now through our DIDX and Techistan services. Today I was able to peek at another interesting experiment with fax over IP. 

From a voip solution developer in the industry who helps DIDX buyers implement the DIDX API: "We just sent a 23 page fax, sent from a Comcast
landline to a Canadian number, received in one of our new wholesale client's servers through PRI.

Then we sent to a secondary PBX where the WebGUI is, via IAX.

Those are some of the area codes that a new DIDX seller will have available. As soon as we finish, I'll see to upload some of the DIDs to DIDx.

BTW, I sent the fax 3 consecutive times, all twenty-three pages went through :)

I guess this proves wrong the comments about T.38. Also, the GIF thumbnail
is actually animated; you'll see it change the pages if you open it in a
browser. Enjoy, Suzanne!"

I did and I am. Contact http://comtel-networks.net for installing fax solution business for your Asterisk phone system.

See you all at ITEXPO Jan. 20-22, 2009!

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