IPsmarx New Ticketing and Email Marketing Features

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IPsmarx New Ticketing and Email Marketing Features

IPsmarx Calling Card and VoIP Provider clients get two new features to enable: ticket system and email marketing tool. They also invited by the IPsmarx team to participate in Haitian reliefs with them.

The new ticketing solution by IPsmarx will improve the information work flow within your company by establishing a centralized system that can be used to create, update, and resolve customers' issues. This online ticketing system makes it easy for end users to report an issue or make a request. Each ticket that is opened has a unique reference number that allows the customer service and support teams to quickly locate and respond to the ticket. Administrators can easily manage their team using the ticketing system as they will be able to assign tickets to various staff members, set priorities, and view pending tickets.

To enhance their customers' overall experience and to increase productivity and organization within the customers' team, they can add a ticketing system to any of IPsmarx' solutions. 

The IPsmarx Integrated Email Marketing Tool enables service providers to develop email campaigns to offer new services and promotions to their customers. The tool lets customers separate their end-users into various groups in order to send targeted email messages, send customized email campaigns directly from the IPsmarx System, and end-users can safely unsubscribe from the campaign if they choose to. IPsmarx email marketing tool is an intelligent solution to be in touch with customers and reach out to new potential leads in secure and cost efficient manner.

One of my favorite things to showcase about IP communications companies is when they get involved in philanthropic activities. The IPsmarx Team were all deeply saddened by the earthquake devastation in Haiti earlier this month and sent their condolences to all that were affected by this tragedy. On behalf of their clients who provide VoIP services to Haitian communities worldwide, IPsmarx has made a donation to Doctors Without Borders. To find out more about how you can help click here: www.cnn.com/impact.

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