Exposing Ourselves to Info from Outside our Little Confining Circles

Suzanne Bowen : Monetizing IP Communications
Suzanne Bowen
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Exposing Ourselves to Info from Outside our Little Confining Circles

It's tough to step outside of my little circle, but I know I need to. We all do. So I found something new. It's IT-OC.

IT-OC.com is a hub of Egypt ICT showcase, an online gathering of people like you and me in the East and West, sharing ideas, technologies, services, inventions, interviews, events and more.  They recently published some articles about the iTIndoComm May 5-7, 2010 conference that our DIDXchange is media partner and our addition of New Zealand DID on DIDX at 99 cents per month. (Pretty cheeky of me to talk $ and my own company on a blog called "Monetizing IP Communications.")

Read the interviews on IT-OC with Avaya Egypt LLC responsible for Egypt and North Africa, and one with Mr. Yvon Le Roux  on the Cisco Expo 2010. Check articles on Acer Spotlights 3D Products and Technology at Dubai Education Industry Exhibition  and the IT-OC Administrator's description of cloud computing.

I have forever been curious about what's happening outside of my direct vision and local neighborhood. Some of my favorite childhood memories were reading the encyclopedia with my parents, watching movies that took me out of my world like Fiddler on the Roof and Tchaikovsky.

Not to say I don't love here, but I want to know about there also.

My favorite locations online for information (IP communications-related) anywhere but here includes yes, our Techistan, but also TMCnet, VoipToday (UAE and elsewhere), IT-OC (Egypt), TelecomYou (UAE and Saudi Arabia and elsewhere), Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Voip Users Conference, freeSWITCH Wiki and forum, Kamaillio,  Asterisk-Biz list ... oh yes! I also dig Geekspeak.org podcasts (a hodge podge of technology and geeky topics).  I have to get back to work now, or the list would continue.

Wait! One last thing. Don't just be an observer. Take a chance and submit articles, interviews, and press releases to these information sites to share with the world. You do have something to offer.

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