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Pass the Money Around, IP Communications Industry

I'm reading * The Worldly Philosophers, The Lives, Times and Ideas of the Great Economic Thinkers for the fifth time. Almost every page has a thought-provoking statement.

Today's ...

Robert L. Heilbroner, American economist and historian of economic thought said, "It is by the process of handing money around --- taking in each other's wash, it has been described --- that the economy is constantly revitalized."

This is one of the very reasons that I/we/you showcase people and organizations in our industry (and those mashing up with our industry) via blog post, podcast, video, press releases and more.

Some great sites to listen, watch, and read about those who you can start handing money back and forth and around with, but also learn from, teach in turn ... and barter. Yes, barter is hot in 2010!

You can click "Cancel" at first when prompted on any iTunes channel and not downoload any MP3 recording right away, and then browse podcasts for topics, people and groups you are interested in.

VoIP Users Conference (a great mix of mostly developers, applications, solutions that tend to be VoIP-related, more technical in nature)

DIDX Podcasts (a variety of entrepreneurs, developers, inventors, marketeers, educators, early adopters and on topics like voIP, globalization, memory, conferences, languages, non-profit programs, immigration, politics, acquisitions, product launches,
and more) (also on iTunes at )

Bending the Needle (a few that highlight a particular industry innovator and his or her innovations)

GeekSpeak (Entertaining! Beware. They tend to make anyone want to be a geek who is not already.) GeekSpeak (An empowerer, an enabler, a showcaser of innovation, business success, debates, and more... very interesting set of video and audio podcasts.)

Listen and find out who you want to invest in, buy out,  pass money around with or maybe trade, barter? Why not?

* That's my son's Amazon affiliate link. He is a band director for a high schoo at age 28. He has a two year old and a four year old and a lovely wife who does plays the best Lady MacBeth I have ever seen.

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