Pros and Cons of an App or Device that Reads My Mind

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Pros and Cons of an App or Device that Reads My Mind

Why doesn't Suzanne Bowen blog more? Here's my answer. I'm in the trenches with 1000s of telecom service providers in over 170 nations working with them to get customers, please them, keep them and perhaps get acquired. I think and dream often of what to blog about, and the only way I could post is if a smart phone or other device had an app that could transcribe my thoughts immediately upon any crazy epiphany I have at any given moment. 

Wouldn't that be great?

Wait, wait, I don't want that! I don't want a machine reading my mind. How could I trust it to not share what I don't want to shared and for it to leave out the occasional cuss word and my other thoughts of societal indiscretions and faux pas?

Neural science ... with fascination I listened to 100s of neural scientists talking after the last CTIA Wireless in Las Vegas 2010. In no way, could I be a productive part of the conversations, but they made me wonder...  Smart technology ...

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