Let me Tell you about Zong

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Let me Tell you about Zong

Yikes, I wish I had more time to share my experiences, knowledge, observations of best practices, and other items related to monetizing IP communications... before heading home for the day, I want share a memory of a great mobile phone service... 

Zong is the Tibetan word for county, referring both to the traditional government units and modern counties established by the People's Republic of China. It also is the name of a telecommunications service provider in Pakistan.

I used a Zong SIMM from China Mobile in my Nokia E61i during the month of August 2008 while participating in ITCN Asia and visiting with every voip company, wireless company and phone company I could find from Karachi to Sialkot to Faisalabad, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar and every smaller town possible in between. 

(I remember the China Mobile representatives sitting near the front of the audience listening to the keynote panel which I was a part of at ITCN Asia 2008. They were happy when I said, "Hello" in many languages including "Nihao" at the beginning of my presentation.)

The service was excellent, very clear in voice quality, and inexpensive. For example, while using it during my telecom trek through Pakistan, it cost only one USD cent per minute to call from the Zong service to a USA phone number. Remember, I was in Pakistan calling from a cell phone!

China Mobile is the world's largest telecom operator. It Zong service has over 550 million customers, more than 260 million calls per hour, and 720 million text messages each day. The service works all over Pakistan, even in the mountainous and poor areas of Northwest Pakistan that looked like no one would want to live there. I used it all over the area.

It also works outside of Pakistan, the same great service... even at the top of Mount Everest.

In addition, most mobile service companies offer only a few choices of types of service, but Zong offers hundreds of payment plans and packages to more easily and affordably match its customers' usage patterns, usage needs and types, and level of income. In the USA, that will is not common.

China Mobile Pakistan is China Mobile's first overseas subsidiary. It has a license to serve the entire country of Pakistan. The country is proving daily that it offers one of the most amazingly fast-growing mobile phone service markets on Earth. In fact, China Mobile will invest $300 million USD in Pakistan in 2010. This is the largest investment by any telecom operator in 2010 in the world to this date.

What is really incredible is that the company is responsible for over 42,000 new jobs directly in Pakistan with China Mobile or those directly leveraging China Mobile.

In conclusion, China Mobile and its Zong offers reliable, inexpensive mobile service, has created thousands of new jobs, and has invested millions of dollars in Pakistan. China Mobile and Zong are a "must watch," and if possible, a "must do business with" like Zain of the Middle East and Bharti Airtel of India. Our company is paying attention.

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