Twitter Search Your Way to New Business

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Twitter Search Your Way to New Business

Try any search term in the block on the right side of your Twitter page. Here are some I found which have already led to my being able to get new customers for some of our wholesale IP communications service provider members.

I just have to use a POS slide phone from 2002, and the only numbers I have are my My Favs. IT SUCKS! and Sorry 2 hear that!

Also, he repeats phone numbers he sees on the! I'm excited about it because the kid wasn't talking a few months ago...

I keep some people's phone numbers in my phone just so I know not to answer when they call.

Yes someone handed me a business card w/2 of the phone numbers scratched out.

I hate online forms that allow you to pick your country but only allow USA phone numbers.

unfair comment on phone area code. Our cell phones r a lifeline w same numbers over 10yrs personal & bus can't give that up

I hate when filling forms and the only area code offered is +1 for phone number.

haha like i said theyre old so go ahead :D i change my numbers pretty often :D god i've had so many phone numbers :D

How can PR people continue to send e mails WITH NO PHONE NUMBERS - elementary my dear watsons

Loads of the phone numbers on this spreadsheet are incorrectly parsed.I am fixing them all.

deleted some twitter peoples phone numbers =)

Bought a new phone. And apparently, I didn't save any numbers in my sim card. Damn it, I can't even make a hair cut appointment. FML.

Just found this... Poll: Support for Arizona Immigration Law Hits 57 Percent: Phone numbers were dialed from rando...

!@#$%^, your phone support numbers suck arse. If you can't say all option tiers in ONE BREATH, THERE ARE TOO MANY LEVELS.

Later on today...ii'm postin' the phone numbers and locations to ALL the FREE CLiNiCS!! stay posted for a CLiNiC near yu'.

yeah, these are updatable online which makes me kind of want them as I keep changing phone numbers, emails etc

I also have yet to accept the 8 digit phone numbers..

Yeah!! Business Phone Numbers: provides local and toll-free business phone numbers in 70+

haha yeah! I'm gonna write the radio stations numbers in my phone when I am properly up and txt them loads from work!

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