Exercise Ball as Office Chair and DID Testing

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Exercise Ball as Office Chair and DID Testing

exerciseballofficechair.jpgI was discussing with a friend about different In-Country DID testing services. He recommends Global Telecom Testing.

I remember visiting this industry friend at their HQ about one mile from the Los Angeles airport and was intrigued by his exercise ball as his office chair. I have an exercise ball as my chair that I use sometimes in my office and do a few crunches here and there.

So I asked him, if he had any more tips. He replies, " We're doing pretty well over here. The ball is still in the rotation along with the standard office chair.
Good tip... hmmm...well I recently realized and read that if you find yourself having cravings in the early afternoon hours, it may not be because you're hungry but because you're tired. So a little coffee, nap or walking around will keep you from reaching for the candy jar.
Hope that helps! It has for me."


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