Need Persons with Knowledge and/or Experience of State of Mobile in Pakistan

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Need Persons with Knowledge and/or Experience of State of Mobile in Pakistan

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All who wish to help out, do not need to answer all the questions, just the ones that you believe you have some verifiable knowledge of and/or experience with. Feel free to answer here in comment or send me answers via Facebook email, on Linkedin or directly to my work email 

Also, you will receive recognition for all of your responses with credit to your name, your company and your company or blog website, but please don't forget to provide that to me. The results will be posted on online magazine and possibly on and other media sites.


Q1. How mobile is the Pakistani population? What proportion of the population have a mobile phone? How does this compare to fixed line telephony? Please include a source for the stats.      


Q2. What are the characteristics of the Pakistani mobile market? What types of device are most commonly used? From which OEMs? Do people tend to be on pre-paid or post-paid?      


Q3. What distinguishes mobile in Pakistan from a) the rest of Asia? b) the rest of Europe? c) other leading mobile markets world wide? What makes Pakistan a must-watch, must-participate-in market today and in the future? What can the rest of the world learn from what's happening today in Pakistan?      


Q4. How do they use their mobile devices? How many a) access the mobile Web? b) text c) engage with companies via mobile e.g. mobile advertising d) download mobile apps, e) do m-commerce, e) m-banking, f) m-ticketing etc? Please include sources for any stats.      


Q5. How does mobile Web usage compare to fixed Internet usage and when is mobile access to the Web projected to overtake PC access? Please include sources for any stats.      


Q6. What are the key mobile marketing activities for companies - mobile Web; mobile advertising; text campaigns; opt-in lists; applications etc? Are there stats that show how big each is today or will be in the future?      


Q7. What is driving growth?      


Q8. What's holding it up?


 Q9. What role do mobile operators play in the mobile ecosystem? Do companies tend to work with them e.g. with operator portals, using the operators opt-in lists, or independently? Which operators are facilitating with affordable pricing, innovative services, data sharing, mobile Web, SMS marketing etc?      


Q10. What role does the Pakistani government play in the mobile ecosystem? What is the regulatory environment like? Are there sites that tell us more? Do government organizations use mobile themselves to deliver services? Please give examples, links.      


Q11. What associations/industry initiatives are helping to push forward mobile best practice, standards etc or industry-specific initiatives such as m-health, m-banking, m-learning etc?      


Q12. Which industries/sectors have shown the most interest in mobile Web/services/marketing in Pakistan? Please include examples and links. Does interest from local or international companies? Please include examples and links.      


Q13. Which brands/publishers are the most innovative with mobile? What are they doing that's so impressive? Which companies are investing the most in mobile Web/services/marketing? What are the big success stories and what has made them successful? Please include a brief summary of the best examples, with links to mobile sites, news, case studies and videos.      


Q14. Which companies (or sectors) are not using mobile, or not using mobile enough, that really would benefit from using mobile? Why?      


Q15. What mobile campaigns stand out particularly? Are these long or short-term campaigns; is there cross-media integration?      


Q16. What are the most popular mobile sites in Pakistan? Please provide links and visitor numbers if possible. What are the most successful mobile commerce sites? What sort of revenue are companies making via mobile?      


Q17. Which sites stand out as good examples of best practice? (Please provide links or case studies where possible) What makes them stand out?      


Q18. Who are the key players in mobile Web/marketing in Pakistan, in terms of:       a) Mobile agencies or creative agencies:       b) Mobile content providers:       c) Mobile advertising networks:       d) Mobile search engines:       e) Mobile network operators:       f) Other providers of essential mobile services:       g) Associations:       h) Mobile Web/marketing evangelists/gurus:       i) Must attend mobile events:      


Q19. What else makes mobile Web and mobile marketing different or exciting in Pakistan compared to abroad?      


Q20. Where should people go for more information - please include useful online resources, books etc?

Thank you for collaborating with me.
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