Make 2011 a Year You are Prepared for Success

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Make 2011 a Year You are Prepared for Success

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Has your database server been compromised by the "dd_ssh" botnet, and now you have to completely reinstall the machine? Your sprinkler system went off into your server room through a window for your 100-seat call center? Your Asterisk PBX was destroyed? You had no back-ups and no disaster recovery plan?

Even our company was severely devastated during 2004 because of Hurricane Ivan. At least our servers were hosted in Dallas and a back up in Tokyo, but still our office was looking like a milkshake, all the PCs, laptops, printers, hard copy files and cabinets and more! I admit, I collapsed to a heap on the floor crying when I first saw it, after walking 4 miles to get there. No cars were allowed on the roads for about a week.

These are just a couple of things I've seen among my friends with small businesses in the USA and abroad. So, I was just thinking to blog about this and recommend a few conferences and companies who can help in these areas. Make better plans for 2011 and forward so that your business will not only survive, but also succeed.

For help contact: in Canada in South Florida (first month free)

I'll add more soon.

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