Wow, Ruckus Wireless is Everywhere ... even Convergence India

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Wow, Ruckus Wireless is Everywhere ... even Convergence India

Want to have more opportunities to find ways to monetize your IP communications? Participate as actively as possible in conferences and exhibitions that put you in directly in contact with people and organizations that will complement your business growth and reputation.
A great example of a company who does this well is Ruckus Wireless who was even at Convergence India that took place in New Delhi, India in March 2011. They are everywhere ... like I know we will see them at CommunicAsia and other conferences we partner with which are listed at I remember recording a short video talk with their Michael Paparella. 

Our DIDX wholesale DID marketplace and Techistan media services are always media partner there. My colleague Yahya Sabir took over 100 pictures. Since most of the visitors to this blog probably didn't get to participate in this particular conference, I'm sharing a slide show of pictures from the event.

If you see anyone you know, I welcome you to tag with the names. Comments are cool, too.

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