Defining Monetization Whether for IP Communications or Not

Suzanne Bowen : Monetizing IP Communications
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Defining Monetization Whether for IP Communications or Not

Bob the Squirrel Defines Monetization

My husband shared this with me this morning. Thank you, Bob the Squirrel comic writer Frank Page. Not only did Michael share this comic with me which had us both laughing and feeling some kind of an epiphany, but he put this interesting thought together: "Monetization = the art of drawing out in people to be willing to pay for the same product, good, service or content you used to provide for free."

What are some ways that people are doing or could be doing that?

1. A donate button! Don't laugh or be embarrassed. If you are providing a good service or enabling people to do things they want to do like never before, you deserve donations. Check out who is doing very well using this idea. Paypal has a choice of donate buttons you can use.

2.  Get people to pay if they want to be a featured member, featured user, or honorary consul or something like that at $1.00 to whateverper month. In return, they get a list of perks you know they will love.

3. Offer one on one lessons or premium support to use your free site at a certain amount per timed session.

4. Enable users and members to create and buy ads self-serve on your site and of course, charge.

5. Enable users to buy and sell some kind of services on your site, where you take a small commission, but make sure your terms of service are clear as crystal.

6. Don't forget social buttons. Check for assistance.

 I'll add more ideas as I have time. I have a head full of them. Some that I have seen, some that came to me on my own, others brainstormed with other people. I also welcome anyone to add their favorites they use, thought of or have seen.

These, of course, can apply to not just IP communications, but any. Just bend the needle a little.

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