The Purchase of Rapportive by Linkedin was ...

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The Purchase of Rapportive by Linkedin was ...

How would you fill in that blank in the blog title? Shocking? Smart? Cool? Like why didn't Google buy Rapportive? Or TMCnet? Or Dun and Bradstreet? I even left a blank there at the end of my video talk on the Linkedin acquisition. Click and watch me explain what Rapportive is and why I like it and have since January 2011, the month it began. The most popular business networking platform bought the Gmail Plugin and two year old startup Rapportive this past month. 

Rapportive shows you an "at a glance profile" of your contacts right inside your Gmail inbox, and that is exactly what I like about it. No more searching for the Tweets, Linkedin profile and Youtube profiles of the people you do business with or who you want to do business with.

I was so impressed in early 2011 that I did my best to get Mr. Vohra to let me interview him for DIDX audio podcasts. Too busy! I can imagine. Visit; connect with me and others on I blog, podcast, represent at business events such as conferences for AstraQom and other companies, too. Inquiries for such kind of assistance? Just message me on Linkedin.
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