Audio Podcast with Raco Wireless President John Horn on M2M

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Audio Podcast with Raco Wireless President John Horn on M2M

johnhorn_racowireless.jpg(Listen to a 7.5 minute audio podcast interview on AstraQom and DIDX suzanne_onastraqomexecteam.jpgbetween me Suzanne Bowen and John Horn, president of Raco Wireless about M2M in preparation for Connected World Conference June 11 - 13, 2012.)

Why is and will M2M be a mainstream choice? First, the equipment that facilitates M2M (Machine 2 Machine) are less expensive, smaller in size, and more power savvy. Pair that with the fact that strength and quality of the networks M2M needs in order to  to move data from machine to machine is more accessible than ever. Thank LTE and 4G providers but also M2M solution enablers such as Raco Wireless, IBM, and ThingWorx.

M2M is not science fiction. Businesses and individuals use it often without realizing it. Change channels on a TV with a remote control device. Click the car key fob transmitter to talk to the car's ignition. The cool change here is that the Internet can network the sensors in the items to make decisions based on data gathered for unimaginably better convenience. Example one is being notified where you last left your keys, when inventory needs to be replenished and place an automatic top up. Second, stay informed while away from the office or home that the electricity is out.

In an interview with John Horn, president of Raco Wireless, he shares, regarding M2M, "There are thousands of solutions and devices set to connect in the coming year. We expect literally billions of machines connected, and those will not come from a handful of applications. They will come from thousands of applications. They will come from very unique industries like agriculture in chicken farming with some of the most interesting applications all the way to up to like e-readers and AllStar telematics for vehicles ... We onboard an amazing number of new partners will solutions every single month. We're doing it faster ... in numbers than it took it years for us to do in the past. So, I think the industry has reached critical mass."

Chicken farming and M2M are not really such an unlikely couple.
Agricultural subscribers to such M2M applications give telemanagement of controls and farm equipment that are responsible for feeding, heating, lighting and ventilation as well as weighing and access systems.

Another example is ... the IBM's “mote” sensors it invented actually will optimize heat and humidity resulting from server use in data centers. Now, that technology helps to preserve paintings at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. In addition, IBM put the country of Malta's wireless radio technology to a new use in which its utility grid uses smart meters. No more outdated analog meters!

Companies such as IBM and Raco Wireless are moving M2M into the mainstream of business. In fact, a big part of Raco Wireless Mission, as shared by John Horn, its president, in an audio podcast interview with me, is based on the company wide 3 Ts of Team, Tools and T-Mobile. Their leadership group has over 200 years of M2M specific experience.
Raco Wireless also offers a choice of M2M developer kits at, waiting for the new stars who leverage the power connecting the IOT (Internet of Things).

In answer to my question of, "Will you describe your typical client?" ... Mr. Horn said, "Too many things are being created. Too much innovation is going on every day [to put our clients in] to have boxes."

(Big smile here. Great answer.)

Readers will find Raco Wireless at the Connected World Conference event that brings together M2M developers, mobile carriers, and other parties who can benefit from connecting more and more things via the Internet.  Mr. Horn of Raco Wireless notes the evolution of this empowering annual event of a small targeted provider group to even include enterprise customers who want to understand connecting things and how this can improve processes and business for them. Connected World has introduced Raco Wireless to new customers never imagined to take the smart, proactive interest in M2M opportunities. The conference is scheduled June 11 -13, 2012 at the Pheasant Run Resort in St. Charles, IL.

They will also be at the M2M conference during ITEXPO West in Austin, Texas October 2-5, 2012.

Visit,, and and (sponsors of the audio podcast).
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